Thoughts in the Garden

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My children have a book called I was so Mad.  It shows how kids deal with anger, some of the choices are not very nice.

When I get so mad, I go to the garden, because there are no bad thoughts in the garden.  I start to walk the garden path, calming down by looking at the beautiful flowers, listening to the bees, and smelling the perfume of  jasmine, wafting the anger away.

Sometimes I see a weed or two, and sit down next to them.  And well, I might decide to get my anger out in a different way. Like, maybe, I superimpose my troubles on the weeds and pull them out furiously thinking, you’re gone, you’re gone and even YOU are gone!  HA, HA, HAH!

I return to being reserved, stay seated, breathing deeply and slowly, relaxing and floating, like everyone tells you to do, but boredom sets in after 3 breaths, so I get up, and walk the rest of the path.  I feel good, I look good, and I like the choice of ridding my anger into this complex spot.

It is one of the many gifts the garden gives.



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