Thoughts in the Garden

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My children have a book called I was so Mad.  It shows how kids deal with anger, some of the choices are not very nice.

When I get so mad, I go to the garden, because there are no bad thoughts in the garden.  I start to walk the garden path, calming down by looking at the beautiful flowers, listening to the bees, and smelling the perfume of  jasmine, wafting the anger away.

Sometimes I see a weed or two, and sit down next to them.  And well, I might decide to get my anger out in a different way. Like, maybe, I superimpose my troubles on the weeds and pull them out furiously thinking, you’re gone, you’re gone and even YOU are gone!  HA, HA, HAH!

I return to being reserved, stay seated, breathing deeply and slowly, relaxing and floating, like everyone tells you to do, but boredom sets in after 3 breaths, so I get up, and walk the rest of the path.  I feel good, I look good, and I like the choice of ridding my anger into this complex spot.

It is one of the many gifts the garden gives.



Planting Garlic

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You can get a jump on growing your garlic crop if you plant it in the fall.  Buy an organic garlic bulb from the grocery store to ensure that it will sprout.  Pull the individual cloves from the bulb.  Place the clove point side up in a 2″hole and cover with dirt.  Garlic will thrive in sun to part sun.  Garlic leaves will sprout in two weeks and continue growing until frost.  Then the plants will overwinter.  They will start growing again in the spring, and be ready to harvest in mid-summer.  You will see that it is time to harvest when the garlic leaves start to turn yellow. Gently dig up the bulbs, let them dry for 2 weeks and they are ready to eat or store. Easy for kids to do.  Enjoy!