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In our modern society, we tend to insulate ourselves from the earth. We live on top of hard floors, sometimes high in the air, surrounded by indoor light that turns night back into day.

When I finally realized that stress would continue throughout my life, that there wouldn’t be a time when I solved all my problems and simply coasted the rest of the way, when I discovered that life couldn’t function without it, I learned to embrace stress.

Embracing something troublesome doesn’t mean that you give in to it, let it overtake you, or ignore it. Embracing means finding a safe place to work it out. You take steps, take action, sometimes very small ones to keep moving forward.

Everyone has stress. It’s a part of life.

No matter how much we ease our lives with technology, we all experience stress, and to keep this stress in check, we need to find grounding.

Being grounded is both spiritual and physical. It’s when your power is aligned, in order, and accessible.

It is not unattached and floating like a wisp of steam, or a dreamy cloud.

It’s a network of rope, bound to the earth on one end, and traveling through us, holding fast yet connecting us to everything else.

Our technological advances have made our lives stronger and longer, but somewhere between the assembly line and the home computer, we have let go, gotten sloppy and lost our connection to the earth.

We feel this loss, yet we think it opposes progress. We confuse “back- to-nature” with “anti-high-tech.”

But we can have both.

We can recapture this loss of grounding and balance by getting back to nature.

In our apartment or expansive yard, we need to feel the dirt, hold its potential in our hand and make life happen. We’ll find there grounding, balance, fun, strength, beauty, and confidence.

Give me my high-tech medicine, my trains and planes, and my Google, but also save a patch of earth for me, let me run my fingers through it and get the dirt stuck under my nails.

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The Steps Of Garden Building:

  • Preparation
  • Purchasing
  • Planting
  • Cultivation

Garden Techniques Such As:

  • Plant Purchasing
  • Planting & Pruning
  • Weeding & Deadheading
  • Dividing & Staking
  • Mulching
  • Organic Approaches

The Potential Of Your Outdoor Space:

  • Entertainment
  • Relaxation
  • Children’s Play Area, or Edibles
  • But most importantly you will learn to de-stress, grow strong, and be confident through taking control of your space.